Our Mission

Christmas in Action is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates the houses of elderly, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged homeowners to provide for their continued safety and independence.

About Us

Christmas In Action home repair projects focus on providing immediate improvement to the safety and security of the homeowner. We look to safeguard the homeowner from critical internal and external hazards. This can include fixing electrical wiring, repairing leaky roofs, constructing wheelchair ramps, and transforming bathrooms into handicap accessible facilities.

The organization was founded due to the great need throughout Spartanburg County for home repairs. The most recent Census data approximates that 3,500 Spartanburg County homeowners are both impoverished and elderly (over 65). The quality of housing for many of these individuals is sub-standard. Christmas In Action's goal is to continue serving this often forgotten population, working as a force for the prevention and elimination of sub-standard housing in the Upstate.

our methods

For twenty years the primary vehicles for completing our mission in Spartanburg County were the twice-a-year community work days known as ReBuild days. As we move forward in another decade of service we are working to have a steady stream of ReBuild days throughout the year with local volunteer groups as well as students from across the country participating in Alternative Breaks. 

We are always accepting applications, but we rely on volunteer teams to accomplish the work. We have roughly 500 homes in need of repair, and there will always be more work to be done. 
Contact Jacob Cooper (jcooper@ciaspartanburg.org) to get a team signed up for a project or call us at 864-576-7101 to learn more!

Christmas In Action is committed to assisting eligible homeowners within Spartanburg County who are in need of home repairs. Help us improve Spartanburg by donating your time and expertise or through monetary or material donations. 

We will be a force for the prevention and elimination of sub-standard housing in the Upstate.


Over 800 Homes Repaired

Over 20 Spartanburg Communities Benefited

Over 900 Homeowners Helped